Thursday, 3 April 2008


The Production is finished. Thanks to everyone that have been following the blog.
Also, I would like to thank and mention all the people who have made this possible:
John, Audrey, Paul, Declan, Candice, Niall, Rafa, Mark, Allan, John, Scott, and many more.


Tevik Avakyan said...

Congratulations on finishing the project. I have been following your blog for quite some time and have always looked forward to seeing more of your wonderful posts. Your designs are wonderful and full of imagination. Thank you for sharing your work, its very inspirational.

Sorrentino said...

so whats next?
will you post any further art?

Marjolaine said...

It's sad it's the end ! But thank you for sharing all this beautiful work, I was pleased to see every piece of it.
I hope you'll keep posting even if it's not on this project anymore !

Doctor Cerebro said...

congrats man!
when can we watch it?????

Home Theater said...
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Multifuncional said...
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Candice Lavender said...
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Fco. de Borja said...

Thanks to everyone, at the moment I haven't a clue when the BBC will decide to broadcast the series, probably from September, but it's just a guess. At the moment, I won't be posting any work; I’ve decided to take a long holydays
Thank you very much, hope you’ll keep up the good work!!!

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